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Surgical Strikes on Bike Insurance troubles

As per recent statistics, over 60% bikes running on Indian roads are uninsured. The reason for such massive majority is a whole variety of challenges that a person has to face while buying bike insurance. Even when you are in favour of opting for a policy and following the law, these hindrances or ‘enemies’ make it impossible for common sense to prevail. Hence, together, let’s declare war on these enemies. The following is the list of enemies that we must destroy in order to win this war:


  1. Ignorance: Enemy number one is lack of awareness about two-wheeler insurance. Ignorance ensures we don’t realize that bike insurance protects us not only from the traffic cops but from accidents, natural calamities such as earthquake, floods and man-made calamities such as riots, strikes, and malicious activities. Ignorance is responsible for people paying more money in illegal activities such as bribes rather than buying an affordable bike insurance policy.
    War Strategy: Research on bike insurance and compare different policies or reach out to a licensed Insurance intermediary with Bike Insurance expertise.This will help you understand that bike insurance is extremely cost-effective and critical in India considering the high frequency of road accidents.
  2. Inconvenience: This enemy is a real threat and it is the reason why a majority of bike owners opt to ride without a policy. Purchasing Bike Insurance is a pain. You need to remember expiry dates and chase the insurance company to ensure you continue your policy coverage. More importantly, in today’s fast-paced world, you don’t really have the time to fill lengthy forms. Is this enemy formidable or what?
    War Strategy: Everything is fair in love and war. To win this war, you need to pull up your socks and instead of renewing your policy every year buy a long-term policy for 3 years. You can even try renewing your policy online. This way you are spared the time-consuming forms and the policy copy reaches your inbox within minutes.
  3. Exorbitant premiums: People often reject motor insurance because it is expensive. Why pay an annual premium if you are sure you won’t ever register a claim? It’s all seems like a waste of money. Doesn’t it?
    War Strategy: Against popular belief, if you go through an entire year without making a claim you receive a special discount called ‘No-claim bonus’ which goes as high as 50%.  Furthermore, if you install a safety device or join an automobile association, you reduce your bike insurance premium by up to 60% ensuring demolition of this enormous enemy. 
  4. Depreciation: This enemy ensures that even after being prudent and choosing a bike insurance policy during the claim process we receive compensation only on the depreciated or current value of the bike parts and not the value of the new parts. Because of this enemy we have to pay an amount out of our pocket during a claim even after purchasing a bike insurance policy.
    War Strategy: Go on the offensive and opt for a Zero-Depreciation add-on cover. It will slightly increase your premium but it will make sure that depreciation is no match for you during the claim process and you receive the value of brand new parts.

Now that you are well aware of these bitter enemies and the strategies to defeat them, safeguard yourself and your family from falling for their trap.